Sentinels of Earth-Prime - Digital Tabletop Game

Created by Handelabra Games

Sentinels of Earth-Prime is a cooperative card game that recreates the pulse-pounding action of superhero comics. Set in the world of the critically acclaimed Mutants & Masterminds roleplaying game, this all new card game is built on the rules of Sentinels of the Multiverse. Lead a team of 3-5 heroes to defeat the villains and foil their dastardly plots!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Delivery Delays - Whoops, Sorry!
about 2 months ago – Tue, Oct 11, 2022 at 08:57:39 PM

We apologize for the delay in the delivery of Sentinels of the Multiverse keys. We originally promised to deliver those this past Friday, and while we did not, we now have. If your order included Sentinels of the Multiverse, Season Pass 1, or Season Pass 2, you can now log into your BackerKit dashboard to access your key(s). They can be found under the Digital Downloads area.

If your order included the Hero and Villain Digital Foil Collector's Packs, the keys have been requested from Steam and will be available tomorrow.

To redeem your keys in Steam:

  • Click the Games menu and then click Activate a Product on Steam.
  • Enter the key.
  • Go through the install process. The game should appear in your Steam Library.

Again, apologies for the delay!

Pre-Sales end Today - First Lockdown Tomorrow
about 2 months ago – Tue, Oct 04, 2022 at 07:19:35 PM

Happy October Heroes!

Today marks the end of the pre-sale period for Sentinels of Earth-Prime. If you know anyone that would still like to order at the Kickstarter pricing, just send them over to the pre-order store.

For the 82 of you that haven't filled out your surveys yet, you should consider doing that today ahead of the first lockdown tomorrow. Lockdown is performed so that we can lock in everyone's details, charge cards for add-ons and pre-orders, and ship already released items to backers who ordered them.

Important Dates:

  •  Monday, October 3rd - Final day of pre-sales **TODAY!!** 
  •  Tuesday, October 4th - First Lockdown
  •  Thursday, October 6th - Second Lockdown
  •  Friday, October 7th - Delivery of Sentinels of the Multiverse keys via BackerKit
  •  Q1, 2023 - Final Lockdown and Sentinels of Earth-Prime ships!

Thank you again for all your support - stay tuned this week for some more development updates!

Survey Sending Soon, Pre-Sales Begin!
3 months ago – Fri, Sep 09, 2022 at 03:02:04 PM

We are beginning the process of sending out backer surveys today and tomorrow. As mentioned during the campaign, we will be handling all fulfillment through BackerKit, so your survey email will be coming from them. If you don't see it by Monday, check your spam folders. 

Today also marks the beginning of Pre-Sales which will last through the rest of September. If you have any friends that missed out and still want to pledge to get Sentinels of Earth-Prime at the Kickstarter pricing, just send them to the Pre-Order Store.

Some important dates:

  •  Monday, October 3rd - Final day of pre-sales
  •  Tuesday, October 4th - First Lockdown (see below)
  •  Thursday, October 6th - Second Lockdown
  •  Friday, October 7th - Delivery of Sentinels of the Multiverse keys via BackerKit
  •  Q1, 2023 - Final Lockdown and Sentinels of Earth-Prime ships!

On BackerKit, a Lockdown is when we lock your survey answers so that we can deliver your items. We do this pretty early so that folks whose pledges include already-released products can get them as soon as possible. If you want to make changes after a lockdown, just let us know and we'll unlock your survey!

Campaign Complete!
3 months ago – Tue, Aug 23, 2022 at 08:21:05 PM

You did it! Sentinels of Earth-Prime is officially coming to Steam, the iOS App Store, and Google Play early next year!

As we mentioned during the campaign, all fulfillment will be handled via BackerKit. We will be sending out more information early next week about how to fill out your pledge survey, how to make sure you get all your add-ons, and even information about pre-orders for people who missed the campaign.

Thanks for your support! This game will now be a reality thanks to you. We can't wait to show you more as it comes together over the next few months! Tune into Handelabra Live every Tuesday at 7 PM Eastern on Twitch, where we will be regularly previewing more content.

Variant Vibrations!
3 months ago – Mon, Aug 22, 2022 at 05:00:09 PM

The Variant Vibrations have been achieved! We have just three hours left, can we reach the ultimate challenges?

Variant Vibrations!
Variant Vibrations!
Ultimate Challenges
Ultimate Challenges